im honestly so upset to have to change my blog type. im gonna miss all of you guys so much and im gonna miss knowing about everything that goes on in this fandom. i haven’t been in that many fandoms in my life, but this will always by far be the best one. i really hope that you guys know that i will still always be here to talk and i really dont want to lose my relationships with some of you. and, if you really know me well, you have probably already figured out that i won’t be able to stay away from the fandom and i will always know whats going on, so dont hesitate to ask questions even though i wont be a magcon blog anymore. i love you guys more than you know

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destinyhope7 asked: Dude I'm sorry about your experience. That's shitty they were like that. (I still love them though). If they did that to me, I'd probably get kicked out, I'd be like "listen here mother fukers, I paid for this shit. You are making people depressed"..

thank youu

Anonymous asked: Oh shit. I was that anon you last answered before the announcement and I meant can't*****

oh ok hahha

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Anonymous asked: idk about some people but I'll still follow you! it sucks that you might loose some followers but the good ones will stay with you! tbh, I'm kinda hyped you'll be a personal blog because that's just like me, although I reblog a lot of the boys. either way, I still support you! (too shy to come off anon) <3

thank you so much!

Anonymous asked: i'm so sorry about your magcon experience :'( but i have 1 question, was Nash rude in any way? i've read your magcon experience but i just want to know if Nash was rude because loads of people tend to say that he's quite rude at magcon :(

he wasnt typically rude, he was just really quiet; he dint say anything to me even though i said hi and i love you

Anonymous asked: Hey I support you on your decision but I just want to know how they were rude to you? Please let me know!!!

Anonymous asked: will you give out your theme if you change it?

well its not mine so sure



as most of you know, i’ve decided to change my blog to a personal. i will not be deleting or giving my blog away. also, i will not be giving away my url so please don’t ask. i will continue to be a small part of the fandom, for these boys have had such a great impact on my life, but i cant bring myself to continue blogging about people who were rude to me; it doesnt feel right. i have made so many amazing friends through this fandom and i will still try to be involved in as many things as possible. please understand that i will always love these boys and i am so thankful that i got to meet them. of course it will be upsetting to lose some of my followers that have been here from the beginning, but please know that i am still the same person and i will always be here if you want to talk. please let me know what you think of this decision, your opinions matter to me immensely. but, for now i am pretty sure that i have come to a decision and i will announce my new url shortly. i love all of you so much and thank you for being here for me for so long. 

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Anonymous asked: Ok have the people saying shit to you ever been to magcon?? Cause the most people that have actually attended are saying it was quite a bad experience. So don't listen to them

thank you kind fellow

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